PRE PURCHASE BUYERS SURVEY- This type of survey is strongly advised when purchasing a new vessel. This inspection survey is a complete look over as to the boats condition and operational abilities. During this survey we review all the equipment and systems to make sure they are appropriately functioning. 

VALUATION AND APPRAISAL SURVEY- This type of survey is to provide the vessels fair market value. During this survey we will inspect the vessels systems and equipment to accurately give an estimate of the vessels value. 

MECHANICAL SURVEY- This type of survey is a detailed inspection of the vessels drive system. During this survey we will perform tests on the engines, gauges, alternator, we will take readings from a hot and cold startup. We also provide OIL SAMPLE ANALYSIS upon request we can take samples from the main engines, marine transmission, and gen engines.

Please fill out and sign survey agreement and return to Racer Machine Corporation,

survey's cannot be completed unless done so, thank you!

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